Registration of Marriage

Section 20(2) of IFLTE 2017, requires the Registrar shall, in respect of every marriage to be registered by him, ascertain and record—

  1. the value and other particulars of the mas kahwin;
  2. the value and other particulars of any pemberian;
  3. the value and other particulars of any part of the mas kahwin or pemberian or both that was promised but not paid at the time of the solemnization of the marriage, and the promised date of payment; and
  4. particulars of any security given for the payment of any mas kahwin or pemberian.

Section 21(1) requires the registrar to immediately after the solemnization of a marriage, enter the prescribed particulars and the prescribed or other ta’liq of the marriage in the Marriage Register.

The entry shall be attested to by the parties to the marriage, by the wali, and by two witnesses other than the Registrar, present at the time the marriage is solemnized (subsection (2)) and the entry shall then be signed by the Registrar (Subsection (3)).

Section 24 of IFLTE 2017 requires every marriage which is solemnized in Terengganu after the date of the enforcement of this Enactment, shall, within 21 days of its solemnization, be registered:-

  1. if the marraige had been solemnized according to this Enactment; or
  2. if the marriage does not been solemnized according to this Enactment, after the marraige be validate by the Court.

Upon registering any marriage and upon payment to him of the prescribed fees, the Registrar shall issue marriage certificates in the prescribed form to both parties to the marriage (Section 25 of the IFLTE 2017).
– Form 7, First Schedule of Administration Of Islamic Family Law Enactment 1985